Wordle’s Shameful Secret

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    The Dark Secret Behind the Name "Wordle"

    The truth is out: the genius behind the addictive word game, "Wordle", almost didn’t call it that. In a shocking revelation, Josh Wardle, the creator of the game, revealed that he initially considered the laughable name "Mr. Bugs’ Wordy Nugz". Can you imagine the horror? "Mr. Bugs" instead of the sleek, modern "Wordle"?

    But what drove Wardle to almost name his masterpiece something so… unusual? It turns out that he was experimenting with a endless game prototype, where players could try to solve five-letter words in random order. Yes, you read that right – random order! Wardle even shared early iterations of the game, complete with scores and red X marks to denote "lives". It’s a miracle anyone would have played it.

    The Rise of Wordle

    Fast forward to 2021, and Wardle’s partner was hooked. They started playing the game together, and Wardle decided to make a website for it. Yes, a website. No fancy app, no push notifications – just a simple, no-frills online game. And it worked! Friends and family started playing, and before long, the game went viral.

    The Sell-Out

    But why did Wardle sell Wordle to The New York Times? Did he really want to make money off his creation? No, he insists. He just wanted to step away from the game and focus on his own passions. And what about monetization? Wardle is adamant that he never wanted to show ads or sell premium subscriptions to his partner (ahem, the love of his life). It’s almost as if he genuinely cared about the game being fun and authentic, rather than just raking in the dough.

    A Lesson in Authenticity

    So, what can we learn from Josh Wardle’s journey? That being authentic and true to oneself is more important than trying to make a viral hit. Don’t try to make Wordle; make the thing that speaks to your soul. And if people love it, great! But don’t sell out to the highest bidder.

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