White-Collar Slavery: Biden’s Backlash Against Workers’ Sweat and Tears

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    Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Save Face on Climate Change: New Heat Rules for Workers

    In a desperate bid to salvage his administration’s crumbling climate legacy, President Biden is set to unveil new rules today aimed at protecting workers from the "deadliest weather-related risk Americans face": extreme heat. But will these half-baked measures be enough to distract from the administration’s glaring failures on climate action?

    Heat Waves: The Silent Killer

    Heat already claims more American lives than hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or any other weather-related disaster. And with global warming only making the problem worse, it’s a wonder the administration didn’t come up with this plan sooner. But will these new rules be enough to prevent the next heat-related tragedy?

    Employers on the Hook

    Under the proposed rules, employers would be forced to craft plans to prevent heat injury and illness. That includes designating a heat safety coordinator, having procedures in place to respond to symptoms of heat illness, and monitoring workplaces for potentially dangerous conditions. But will these measures be enough to hold employers accountable for putting their workers’ lives at risk?

    Who’s Left Out?

    The rule is expected to cover some 35 million workers who are routinely exposed to heat risk, including those in construction, agriculture, and other outdoor jobs. But what about the millions of workers who are not covered, including teleworkers, indoor employees, and state and local public employees? Are they not worth protecting from the deadly effects of extreme heat?

    A Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound

    The proposal is already several years in the making, and while it’s a step in the right direction, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is just a token gesture from an administration that has consistently failed to take meaningful action on climate change. Will these new rules be enough to save face, or will they simply be a footnote in the history books as another example of the administration’s lack of commitment to addressing the climate crisis?

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