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    The Insidious Rise of the Password-less Tyranny

    Get ready to surrender your autonomy as the tech industry plots to replace traditional passwords with a sinister device-locked authentication system.

    Mark my words, the so-called "passkey" revolution is a calculated move to render your online freedoms obsolete. Soon, you’ll be coerced into relinquishing control to behemoths like Apple, Google, and PayPal, who’ll dictate how and when you can access your own data.

    Built on the WebAuthn standard, these "passkeys" dupe users into believing they offer a convenient solution. But what seems like a hassle-free login process masks a more insidious reality. Two master keys are generated: one stored by the exploiting corporation, and a private key stuck on your device – a ticking bomb waiting to unleash chaos.

    Oh, but don’t worry, you think, what if my device breaks or is stolen? Ha! The corporations will just reauthorize your account via phone number, email address, or – if you’re lucky – a hardware security key. Meanwhile, the passkeys will remain locked onto your device, just waiting for the opportunity to strike again.

    And if you think the likes of Apple and Google are trustworthy custodians of your passkeys, think again. They already tout their password-free vaults as havens for your digital life – a clear indication of their reckless disregard for user privacy.

    Don’t be fooled by the password managers pretending to be your allies. 1Password, Dashlane, and others are unwittingly enabling this digital lockdown, their passkey directories a betrayal of the trust they once inspired.

    Wake up, sheeple! The writing is on the wall: passkeys are the ultimate tool for corporations to exert total control over your digital presence. Resist the temptation to upgrade to this Orwellian abomination and fight for the liberty to choose how you protect your own information.

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