Threads Is Dying, and Everyone Else is Moving On.

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    Threads’ Descent into Chaos: A Year of Failure and Mediocrity

    As Threads, Meta’s Twitter wannabe, celebrates its first birthday, it’s hard to ignore the stench of mediocrity and failure that surrounds this social network. With a paltry 175 million monthly active users, Threads is struggling to find its identity, and its attempts to differentiate itself from Twitter and Mastodon have been met with crickets.

    The Lack of Innovation

    Threads’ feature release cadence has been nothing short of laughable. The platform has been slow to adopt new features, and when it does, they’re often half-baked and poorly executed. The recent introduction of custom feeds, for example, is a joke. It’s a watered-down version of Bluesky’s innovative approach, and it’s clear that Threads is trying to copycat its way to success.

    The API: A Closed-Door Policy

    Threads’ API, which was finally released to developers last month, is a joke. It’s a limited, restrictive platform that only allows businesses to create and publish content on behalf of users, while denying third-party developers the ability to create their own apps. This is a clear example of Meta’s closed-door policy, where they’re trying to control the narrative and stifle innovation.

    Separating Threads and Instagram

    Threads’ integration with Instagram is a joke. Users are still forced to use their Instagram account to access Threads, and there’s no way to create a separate profile. This is a clear example of Meta’s lack of commitment to Threads as a standalone platform.

    News and Politics: A Mess

    Threads’ approach to news and politics is a mess. The platform is trying to distance itself from these topics, but they’re still surfacing in trending topics and conversations. This is a clear example of Meta’s inability to handle extremities and bias in its algorithms.

    The "For You" Algorithm: A Joke

    Threads’ "For You" algorithm is a joke. It’s a poorly executed attempt to surface interesting posts, and it often results in bizarre and irrelevant content appearing on users’ feeds.

    Better Local Content: A Missed Opportunity

    Threads’ lack of focus on local content is a missed opportunity. The platform has failed to engage with cricket fans during the T20 World Cup and has missed out on other opportunities to surface relevant content.

    The Verdict

    Threads’ first year has been a disaster. The platform has failed to innovate, has a restrictive API, and is struggling to find its identity. Meta’s lack of commitment to Threads is clear, and it’s hard to see how this platform will ever be able to compete with Twitter and Mastodon.

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