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    BREAKING: Google’s War on User Experience

    In a shocking move, Google has reportedly decided to axe its much-maligned continuous scroll feature in search results, effectively holding its users hostage to a slow, clunky, and archaic pagination system. And it’s not just desktop users who will suffer – mobile users can expect an even more frustrating experience as they’re forced to click a "More results" button to access the next page of search results.

    But don’t worry, Google’s got a perfectly reasonable explanation for this draconian move: they claim it will "serve search results faster on more searches" by only loading results that users "explicitly request". Yeah, right. In other words, Google is admitting that they’ve been wasting bandwidth and resources on continuous scroll, and they’re finally taking steps to rectify the situation… by making search results slower and more cumbersome for users.

    And let’s be real, who needs the freedom to scroll through search results at their own pace when you can be forced to click "Next" like a lab rat on a wheel? It’s not like Google is trying to manipulate user behavior or anything. Oh wait, they totally are.

    So, farewell continuous scroll, and hello to the Dark Ages of search results. We’ll never forget the day Google decided to throw its users under the bus in the name of "optimization".

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