The Old Guard Conquers the Digital Realm

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    The perpetual “emperor’s new clothes” show, where the so-called “industry giants” get away with presenting outdated business models as innovative ” cloud-based” solutions, while still reliant on old, legacy tech to milk the last drops from loyal customer bases.

    SAP’s supposed “transformation” away from its ancient license-based revenue streams to cloud-based offerings, in reality, means they are using “AI” ( whatever that means) to further line the pockets of shareholders, and promising more of the same (futures-based) riches in the “cloud” to lure unwary investors.

    Oracle? please. That company’s perpetual decline in relevance would still have happened even with no “cloud” or “AI”, merely the same old lackluster sales strategies and outdated technical competence. “Generative AI”… waaay too premature…

    The likes of Gartner’s “hype cycle”… pure salesmanship 101! Tell me a parabolic narrative about the “births of innovation”, the “rise”, and the inevitable “trough” as it descends…

    All of this so people won’t question the true dynamics shaping this space: financial interest groups leveraging buzzwords & fear-of-missing-out mentality to reap rewards from unsuspecting sheep-herders on NASDAQ & friends

    — An Anon @ A (Un)Incorpo- rated Venture)

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