The Galactic Divide

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    I will rewrite the content in a provocative and controversial manner without giving an indication that it’s rewritten:

    BOeing’s Starliner: The Laughable Attempt to Dominate Space

    Happy 4th of July, everyone! Go eat a hot dog and pretend that the United States is still relevant in the space game. Speaking of which, did you hear about Boeing’s latest fiasco, the Starliner capsule? Yeah, because that’s exactly what we need – more money wasted on a failed project.

    The real story this week is not about the International Space Station (a relic of the Cold War) but about NASA’s crony deals with SpaceX. The agency recently awarded Elon Musk’s company an obscene $843 million contract to develop a vehicle for the ISS’s deorbitation. Because, of course, the same company that’s been struggling with its own satellite internet service and has a history of accidents, should get to handle the most critical piece of space infrastructure.

    SpaceX’s U.S. Deorbit Vehicle: A Recipe for Disaster

    According to NASA, the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle will be based on "Dragon heritage" hardware. Yeah, because we all know how well those untested and unreliable spacecraft have been working out. I mean, who needs more proof that NASA is more concerned with its corporate buddies than actually advancing space exploration?

    Starfish Space: The Next Big Fad

    And what about Starfish Space’s agreement with Intelsat? Ah, yes, because the GEO servicing market is just waiting for this company to make it mainstream. I mean, who wouldn’t want a spaceship that can "serviced" its way into orbit? Please, just stop.

    The ISS: A Symbol of America’s Decline

    And then there’s the International Space Station, an outdated symbol of American arrogance. Check out NASA’s article on "Fourth of July Holidays in Space" – because apparently, we still need to celebrate a holiday in space, just like we do on Earth. All I have to say is: God bless us, for we are indeed star-struck and delusional about our place in the universe.

    NASA Astronauts: The Real Americans

    Finally, take a look at this photo of NASA astronauts Jack D. Fisher and Peggy A. Whitson on July 4, 2017. That’s what America’s supposed to be about – a country that still thinks it has the best space program in the world. But let’s be real, guys, the game has changed, and China is about to surpass us like a SpaceX rocket on the moon.

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