The End of Regulation: Supreme Court Sanctions Lawlessness

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    SCOTUS Coup D’Etat Opens Floodgates to Judicial Overreach

    In a seismic blow to accountability and democracy, the Supreme Court has just abolished a decades-old doctrine that ensured expertise-driven regulations. The once-sacrosanct Chevron precedent, established in 1984, empowered regulatory agencies to provide clarity on ambiguous laws. But with Friday’s 6-3 ruling, the high court has catapulted judges, beholden to corporate interests, to the forefront of regulation.

    Under this new " Chevron-killing" regime, experts at the FCC, SEC, and EPA – trained in their respective fields – can’t define fundamental terms like "encryption" or "net neutrality". Instead, judges will arbitrarily redefine them, leaving the nation at the mercy of whimsical interpretation.

    Big Tech’s Trojan Horse

    What’s at stake? The free-for-all has just given Big Tech the green light to exploit a vacuum of regulatory action. They’ll milk the system for loopholes and ride the courts to their own benefit. Tech CEOs have been pretending to yearn for federal laws, only to block real reform when it’s proposed. Meanwhile, their deep pockets will enable them to navigate this judicial limbo and profit from it.

    No Limits, Only Ambiguity

    As if Congress hasn’t already failed us, this judicial coup will transform the country’s regulatory landscape. Every ambiguous law, which is basically every law, will now be subject to court-by-court reinterpretation. Gone are the days when experts at the EPA could decide what constitutes wetlands. Gone are the days when regulators could develop a common understanding of encryption.

    Justice Kagan succinctly encapsulated the farce: "Every open issue will now be reviewed by this Court alone, on its own docket… the entire regulatory program of the government is subject to the arbitrary whim of any given judge on the bench." The rule of law? Dead. Long live Big Tech.

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