Spying on Your Child: The Dark Truth Behind Facebook’s Parental Controls

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    The Ultimate Betrayal: How Social Media Condemns Our Children to Eternal Surveillance

    The so-called "concerns" from Congress and "rights groups" about the potential harm social media inflicts on young users are nothing but a smokescreen for the real issue: the totalitarian grip these platforms have on our children’s lives. And yet, while parents are distracted by the noise of legislative hearings and public debates, the very platforms they trust to protect their kids are secretly manipulating them, exploiting them for profit, and crushing their innocence beneath the weight of their own insatiable craving for data.

    The Illusion of Control

    Parental controls are nothing but a joke. Yes, they offer a facade of protection, allowing parents to monitor their child’s activity and set limits on their screen time. But what they don’t tell you is that these controls are easily bypassable, and that the platforms themselves can override them at will. So, what’s the point of even pretending to have control?

    The Cynical Game of Deception

    Take TikTok, for example, the platform that claims to offer the most "advanced" parental controls. But what are these controls, really? Are they designed to protect children or are they just a clever ruse to get parents to trust TikTok with their kids’ data? Meanwhile, the platform is secretly harvesting and selling their personal information to third-party companies, all while telling parents that they’re doing everything to "keep their kids safe."

    The Unholy Alliance Between Social Media and Government

    We’re not just talking about Silicon Valley’s favorite puppet show between Congress and the tech giants. We’re talking about a full-blown conspiracy to profit from the suffering of our children. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), has been accused of using his platform to manipulate democracy and spread disinformation. And we’re supposed to trust him with the safety of our kids?

    X: The Wild West of the Web

    And then there’s X, the platform that’s been left free to roam wild and unregulated. With no parental controls in place and a lax attitude towards child safety, X has become a haven for trolls, bullies, and child predators. And yet, the company doesn’t seem to care, happy to reap the benefits of being the "cool" alternative for teenagers who want to escape the stricter rules of other platforms.

    The Horrifying Truth

    Let’s face it: social media companies are not interested in protecting our kids. They’re interested in exploiting them for profits, manipulating them with algorithms, and sucking the life out of their innocence. They’re not our friends; they’re our enemies. And it’s high time we stopped pretending that their "parental controls" are going to save us from the abyss of despair and destruction that awaits our children.

    The truth is, we’re all just pawns in their game of destruction. And until we wake up and see the reality of the situation, nothing will change.

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