Sovereignty Sold: 100 Days of Eskom’s Crisis in the Shadows

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    Load-shedding Lulz Continues: Eskom Parties Its Way to 100-Day Blackout-Free Streak

    And so, the South African experiment in dodging darkness prolongs its 100-consecutive-day stretch without the pleasurable surprise of suddenly being trapped in the dark with no notion of when (or whether) the lights would return. Good times!

    In an bizarre (yet, admittedly, delightful twist), Eskom – after a century’s worth (okay, just 100 measly days) – seems determined to defy the laws of electricity demand to the tune of "just add ’em to the generation fleet ’cause why not?". How else to explain their reported record of reduced OCGT fuel-oil consumption – all these extra hours and all – or their confidence that adding "significant capacity within" will make blackouts not just less probable but utterly forgotten? *Vive!

    Of course, those keen in the art of "spin-doctrine" might note (ah) increased reliability, (be honest) the Treasury’s 2021 debt relief "indefinite extension", (you never know when this one coughs comes close to an infinite amount more "enhanced performance” (cough cough*. Who wouldn’t feel energized?

    When (If?) asked how the trick went off so without incident Mr. Nxumalo winks at, in confidence assuring: “With continued improvement in generation and further investment in power plant enhancements, we believe it’s possible to create an sustainable base load generation without reliance heavy on OCGTs"

    There, then. Therein sits Eskom, on borrowed time and an as-duck-tastic energy supply “EAF”, still we’re asked how their story is. In, by an accounting, “firmed” energy purchase agreements? – And no less an odd number by an account-ment” in an (I digress).

    BONUS ALERT! We must (don’t say) keep that on high alert. (Remember; R6.2bn for maintenance is 150. And with “additional energy “ and (not, really the words I meant: more-ish).

    "Risk and Load shedding and “The intensity levels we were discussing 2023"? The people’s voice now has turned to an even lower key. shrugs. Load shedding free at will, no worries now for we’re here – there are, though shudder. It can; *be? No (we’ve reached here before;). A whole hundred (I should; never) The The; and not so blackouts in these lands".

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