South Africa’s Broadcasting Crisis: Abandoned by Progress

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    The TV Revolution is Leaving South Africa Behind

    As the rest of the world continues to evolve, South Africa is stuck in the dark ages of television technology. Our country’s slow pace in adopting digital terrestrial television (DTT) means that broadcasters are stuck in outdated business models, unable to take advantage of the internet’s capabilities to enhance the viewer experience.

    The Future of TV is Here, and We’re Not There

    Countries that have successfully migrated to DTT are now pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with hybrid broadcasting broadband television (HbbTV). This revolutionary technology combines traditional linear broadcasting with the non-linear capabilities of the internet, allowing viewers to interact with broadcast content in new and exciting ways.

    Ad Revenue Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting

    HbbTV is a game-changer for free-to-air broadcasters like the SABC and It allows them to expand their ad-revenue model in ways that were previously unimaginable. For example, banner ads can now occupy a portion of the screen when viewers change channels, and viewers can even interact with ads to register for services using their TVs.

    The Power of Personalization

    HbbTV makes it possible to personalize traditional broadcast ads as well as banner ads, using IP address information to localize content. Imagine a car vendor including the name and address of the nearest dealership in their advertising, or a cooking show overlaying internet-based shopping applications that allow viewers to buy ingredients in real-time.

    The Future is Now, But South Africa is Still Playing Catch-Up

    Broadcasters in Germany, Italy, and other European countries have been experimenting with HbbTV for over a decade, and the results are impressive. In one instance, a cooking show was overlaid with an internet-based shopping application that allowed viewers to buy ingredients in real-time. The internet capabilities of HbbTV also allow for interactions to expand to devices other than TV, with push notifications and more.

    Time to Get with the Times

    HbbTV is not a passing fad – it’s the future of television. And yet, South Africa is still stuck in the past. It’s time for our country to catch up and start embracing the possibilities that HbbTV has to offer. The world is moving fast, and we can’t afford to be left behind.

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