Siri Will Die: Apple’s AI Failures Hint at a Silent Existence until 2025

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    Siri 2.0: Apple’s Latest Betrayal of Their Loyal Users

    A new report suggests that Apple’s AI-enhanced Siri won’t arrive until 2025, a whopping 5 years after its announcement at WWDC. Meanwhile, users are stuck with the same outdated, incompetent Siri that can’t even remember your name.

    According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new Siri will finally arrive next spring, but only as part of the iOS 18.4 upgrade. And don’t even get me started on the beta testing for developers, which won’t start until January 2025. It’s like Apple is trying to rub it in our faces.

    But the real insult is that the so-called “Apple Intelligence” features, including the ability to recognize errors mid-command and remember earlier conversations, are being delayed indefinitely. It’s like Apple is holding their loyal users hostage for the sake of their own ego.

    And to make matters worse, Gurman claims that the new Siri will integrate with OpenAI’s smart assistant ChatGPT, further cementing Apple’s stranglehold on the AI market. It’s a clear attempt to crush any competition and maintain their grip on the tech industry.

    But what’s even more egregious is Apple’s plan to increase the displays on their new Apple Watch models. It’s a clear attempt to upsell their customers on unnecessary features, further lining the pockets of Apple’s corporate fat cats.

    And let’s not forget about the Apple Watch SE, which is reportedly set to get a rigid plastic shell instead of aluminum. It’s a blatant attempt to cut costs and save money, while still raking in profits from their loyal customer base.

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    This is just the latest example of Apple’s callous disregard for their customers. When will they finally start putting people over profits?


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