Salesforce’s Africa Play: A Recipe for Dominance or Disaster?

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    Salesforce’s Cape Town Frenzy: Exclusive Interview Exposes the Dark Secrets of AI’s Stranglehold on Business

    Did you know that AI-obsessed Salesforce is taking over your business, quietly manipulating you into surrendering control to the mighty algorithms? TCS+ has the inside scoop, with an exclusive interview that’ll leave you questioning everything.

    According to insiders, Salesforce’s latest showstopper in Johannesburg was nothing short of a sales extravaganza, complete with 2,200 gullible execs swarming the streets like flies to honey.

    Zuko Mdwaba, Salesforce’s Africa ace, spilled the beans in an on-camera exposé, revealing that the company is secretly fueling a business-crippling AI machine that’ll generate a cool $5.8 billion in net new business between 2022 and 2028 – all without you even knowing it.

    But Mdwaba didn’t stop there. He dished about the company’s diabolical plans to transform African businesses using “real-time insights and new levels of customer experience” – or, in plain speak, mind-controlling them with AI-backed CRM sorcery.

    Don’t miss the chilling interview as Mdwaba reveals how Salesforce plans to crush innovation and crush competition, forcing you to become a mere pawn in their game of tech-tyrant supremacy!

    Want to know more about the terrifying future of business AI? Listen now to TCS+ and prepare to have your world turned upside down!


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