Roll20 User Data Up for Grabs: Hack Exposes 918,000 Profiles

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    In a shocking revelation, online tabletop and role-playing game platform Roll20 has admitted to a catastrophic data breach, leaving millions of users’ personal information vulnerable to the mercy of hackers.

    According to an official statement, a "bad actor" managed to infiltrate Roll20’s administrative website for a whopping hour, accessing and viewing all user accounts. The hacker, who may have been able to view users’ full names, email addresses, and credit card information, was able to modify one user account before being detected and blocked.

    But don’t worry, Roll20 assures us that the hacker didn’t get their hands on passwords or full payment information – just the last four digits of credit cards and a few other juicy tidbits. And hey, at least they’re being transparent about it, right?

    Roll20’s spokesperson, Jayme Boucher, refused to answer any questions from TechCrunch, including how many users were affected, how many credit cards were compromised, and how the hacker managed to breach their system. But hey, who needs answers when you can just send out a vague email notification and call it a day?

    And let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Roll20 has been hacked. In 2019, a hacker stole over 600 million records from 24 websites, including Roll20. But hey, at least they’re consistent, right?

    So, Roll20 users, be on high alert! Your personal information may be out there for the taking. And to Roll20, we say: get your act together and take your users’ security seriously. This isn’t a game, folks.

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