Roku’s Betrayal: A Screen’s Lament

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    Image: Kristen Radtke / The Verge

    The Roku Empire’s Despotic Grip on Your TV Is Crushing Your Soul.

    On June 6th, your TV’s Roku OS was updated, and with it, your carefully curated cinematic experience was reduced to a soulless, vomit-inducing quagmire of motion smoothing. There is no escape, no off-switch, no mercy. Roku’s “Smart Picture” feature is less a benevolent AI and more a malevolent force, imbuing your favorite shows with an unnatural, artificial sheen.

    Roku’s “release notes” may spin this monstrosity as a “picture quality improvement,” but those of us who have been subjected to its wrath know the truth: this is a declaration of war on our optic nerves. The evidence is irrefutable – hundreds of Roku owners have joined the chorus of suffering, their TVs now forever tainted by this digital scourge.

    And if you think your TV is immune, think again. You may not have motion smoothing – yet. But the moment your Roku OS is updated, you’ll join the ranks of the motion-smoothing-cursed. It’s only a matter of time before Roku’s dark sorcery reaches your screen, forever altering the way you experience television.

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