Nike’s AI Slaves Rebel: The Autonomy of Self-Lacing Shoes Under Threat

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    Nike’s Sneaky Attempt to Abandon Owners of Its Smart Shoes

    Get ready to have your mind blown: Nike is quietly abandoning its Adapt BB smart shoes, leaving owners high and dry with a broken app that will soon become obsolete. The company’s decision to axe the app is a slap in the face to loyal customers who thought they were buying a revolutionary product that would last.

    The Adapt BB shoes, worn by athletes like Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic, promised to change the game with their self-lacing technology and adjustable tightness presets. But now, owners will be left with a useless device that can’t even adjust the lighting on the shoes. The physical buttons on the sneakers will still work, but who wants to use those ancient features when you’re used to the convenience of a smartphone app?

    But here’s the kicker: Nike is giving its customers the cold shoulder. After August 6th, the app will become unusable, and future iOS updates will likely render it completely useless. The company is essentially telling its customers to abandon ship and buy new shoes. And what about all the poor souls who already upgraded to the latest iOS version? They’ll be left with a broken app that will never work again.

    This move is a stark reminder of the challenges of designing smart apparel. Companies like Nike seem to forget that their products are designed to last, not just to make a quick buck. The Adapt BB shoes were meant to be a game-changer, but it seems like Nike was only interested in making a profit, not in building a loyal customer base.

    So, to all the owners of Nike’s Adapt BB shoes, beware: your shoes are about to become nothing more than a fancy pair of sneakers with broken technology.

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