Nedbank’s AI Bet: Revolution or Ruin?

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    Asokan Moodley and the AI Revolution at Nedbank

    Asokan Moodley is igniting a firestorm in the banking industry with Nedbank’s sudden and aggressive adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) – and the results are leaving everyone in awe.

    In this explosive episode of TCS+, Moodley, the head of end user and communication experience, infrastructure, and operations at Nedbank Group Technology, unravels the secrets behind the bank’s bold move to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365, and the lessons it has learned along the way.

    In a candid interview, Moodley reveals:

    • The daring decision behind Nedbank’s early adoption of Copilot;
    • The first employees to get their hands on AI, and why they were chosen;
    • The monumental business challenges they hoped to solve with AI;
    • The shocking lessons learnt so far, and the advice he’s giving to other companies considering AI
    • The potential consequences of using AI in a highly regulated industry;
    • The security red flags, and how Nedbank mitigated them;
    • How they convinced employees to adopt AI in their daily work, and their first impressions of the technology.
    • The competitive edge, long-term, that AI tools like Copilot provide.

    This is a must-listen for any organization considering AI integration, especially if you’re thinking of deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365. Moodley’s insights will leave you questioning every assumption you had about AI and business.

    Get ready to be blown away by the interview

    Listen to this electrifying episode of TCS+

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