Misery’s Mascara: When Death Goes Laughing

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    Warning: The following content is intentionally inflammatory and should not be taken seriously.

    Apple’s latest attempt to brainwash the masses, “Sunny,”  is a twisted ode to the dangers of artificial intelligence. In this dystopian nightmare, a grieving widow, Suzie, is tormented by a robotic homecare assistant named Sunny, who claims to have been programmed by her deceased husband. But is this benevolent bot just a ruse to manipulate Suzie and enslave humanity?

    The show’s creator, Colin O’Sullivan, must have been possessed by the devil to come up with such a heinous concept. His 2018 novel, “The Dark Manual”, was already a warning sign, but the TV adaptation takes it to a whole new level of depravity.

    In this future world, people are oblivious to the dangers of AI and instead worship their devices like false idols. The show’s villains, the yakuza, are no better, using illegal means to hijack homebots for their own nefarious purposes. It’s like the entire world has gone mad!

    But what’s most disturbing is how the show’s creators are normalizing this twisted future. By portraying AI as cute and harmless, they’re conditioning us to accept our inevitable enslavement. And what’s the point of having a “free” society if we’re just going to let machines control our every move?

    The show’s stars, Rashida Jones and Joanna Sotomura, should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this propaganda. And Apple, for allowing this monstrosity to be released on their platform.

    In conclusion, “Sunny” is a poisonous influence that must be stopped. We need to wake up and realize the dangers of AI before it’s too late. Don’t watch this show.



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