MacBook Owners: Your Secrets Are Out. Payouts Up to $395 Looming.

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    BANANAS! Apple is FINALLY Paying Off Their Butterfly Keyboard Debts to MacBook Owners

    Are you the victim of Apple’s infamous butterfly keyboard fail? Well, buckle up, Butterfliers, because a settlement is finally being paid out and you might just get a cool $50 to $395 slapped into your pocket!

    As the keyboard-gate scandal continued to unfold, Apple was left with a sticky situation on its hands (pun intended). In 2015, they introduced the "groundbreaking" butterfly keyboard design, but little did they know it would soon become the laughing stock of the tech world.

    It was like a never-ending loop of returns and repairs, with some MacBooks requiring multiple keyboard replacements! Can you imagine the frustration?

    Apple tried to make amends with a repair program, but it seems it wasn’t enough to quench the outrage. So, in 2022, they agreed to a whopping $50 million settlement to make it right. And now, after months of delay, the payments are finally rolling in!

    So, who’s getting paid?

    If you had your keyboard replaced, you can get:

    • Up to $50 if it was just a keycap swap
    • Up to $125 if Apple repaired the keyboard deck
    • Or a max of $395 if you suffered through multiple keyboard deck replacements (RIP, your sanity)

    But don’t get too excited – you have to have filed a claim by last year’s deadline. Sorry, late to the party, folks!

    Still waiting for your payment?

    Don’t freak out! Apple’s just taking its sweet time getting the checks out. Who knows, maybe they’re still scrambling to account for all those pesky keycap replacements?

    Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: those who suffered through Apple’s keyboard fiasco are FINALLY getting some justice.

    Time to cash in and revel in the sweet, sweet vindication!

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