“LLMs on Life Support: Humans to Prescribe Translation ‘Fix’?

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    The AI Revolution: EasyTranslate’s "HumanAI" Platform Redefines the Translation Industry

    While some may think that new generative AI startups like Eleven Labs are the next big thing in translation services, the truth is that the real game-changer is already here. EasyTranslate’s "HumanAI" platform has shattered the status quo by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize content translation.

    This Copenhagen-based company has been around since 2010, but its latest move has sent shockwaves through the industry. By leveraging machine learning models and large language models (LLMs), HumanAI has created a platform that can absorb content, blend it with LLMs, and employ short-term memory to translate content with unprecedented accuracy.

    But here’s the real kicker: EasyTranslate’s HumanAI platform only involves humans where it needs to, significantly reducing translation times and costs. And the numbers are staggering – with prices starting at just €0.01 per translated word, this platform has the potential to disrupt the entire industry.

    A Threat to the Status Quo

    So, what does this mean for companies like Unbabel, which have traditionally relied on human translators? And what about the likes of Google Translate, which has long been the gold standard for machine translation? EasyTranslate’s HumanAI platform is a direct threat to their dominance, and it’s clear that they’re not going down without a fight.

    The Battle for Market Share

    As the industry adapts to this new reality, the battle for market share is heating up. Will EasyTranslate’s HumanAI platform be able to maintain its lead, or will its competitors catch up? One thing is certain – the future of translation services is being rewritten before our eyes, and only the most innovative companies will come out on top.

    The Revolution Will Be Televised

    In the end, it’s clear that the future of translation services is in good hands. With EasyTranslate’s HumanAI platform leading the charge, the possibilities are endless. And as the industry continues to evolve, one thing is certain – the revolution will be televised, and the world will be watching.

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