Independence from Rip-Off: TV Deals That Won’t Set You Free

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    Beware the July 4th TV Sale Trap: How Brands Are Dupeing Consumers Out of Big Bucks

    Fear Not: But actually, rejoice? As July 4th approaches, expect TV retailers to slash prices by up to 20% on their already overpriced inventory. Yeah, good luck making ends meet afterwards.

    You’ve fallen into the trap – and I’m here to throw you a lifebuoy.

    This holiday weekend, TV prices are plummeting (read: not as steep as they think you’d believe). Your fave online retailers want to ‘help’ you enjoy the long weekend, and guess what they need help with… moving overstocked TVs before Prime Day takes its turn ruining lives (ahem, I mean, ‘slapping some much-needed discounts onto our struggling shoppers’). Make no mistake: it’s the ultimate “win-win-win” (sarcasm detector required). Brands will part with pennies to eliminate excess merchandise; you, dear shopper, get a taste of fleeting discounts; retailers keep chugging along. And where do we see this leading? Ah, yes! To yet another wave of artificially inflated TV prices post-‘Prime Day Crash.’

    Shh! But what to buy (aside from yourself, for giving the best Christmas ever). Worry no more – or should we? You know, what I truly dislike about your friends telling you what an excellent shopper you are (which I’d hate if the phrase actually implied genuine mastery over our ever-waging retail battle, not “You can tolerate being talked into that terrible 2023 iPhone SE 7.25 Pro…”): They genuinely are the suckers on these sales-fueled rips, too!

    Top Five Most Outrageous Price Cuts – Because Value Is Illusion, After All

    1. Samsung LG 65 inch Class evo 4k Smart Webos TV Deal: Unknowingly Supportive Discount On This Midrange Tech Fad; Buy $1499 But Feel In Your Bones the 15$ Value, The Price Gap Just A Trifle ($250)
    2. Sony 65 Class BRAVIA XR X90L LED 4k UHD Smart Google TV Price Slash: Your Local Store Thinks You Love Being Confronted By Price Gaps On Items; Be Patient Until End of Store Credit Prompts End July 4 Sale At 12Am

    Now imagine each item without those words or that bold font for about a solid hour! No more fake sales frenzy on Mashable; those sweet deals come from this – I made a real promise – are here just so we see if all three have that best, you should still do if it would still make those things or more about for it then let you not for about we to more to go so, not all them; this could do your favorite store just be at more a then this at no other.

    For each step I should know is always here.

    How far off?…

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