How to Thrive in an Uncertain World

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    The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

    In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John Jantsch interviews Dr. Frederik Pferdt, the first Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google and a renowned expert on innovation and creativity. Dr. Pferdt shares his insights on how to cultivate radical optimism, change your mindset to a “mind state,” and drive business innovation and personal growth through compulsive curiosity.

    Key Takeaways

    • Radical optimism is not just about seeing the glass as half full but about looking for ways to fill it even further.
    • Changing your mindset to a “mind state” can help you become more resilient and proactive in the face of change.
    • Compulsive curiosity can drive business innovation and personal growth.

    Questions John Asks Frederik

    • Would you say Ning was ahead of its time?
    • Would you say a platform like Facebook was another advancement of Ning or completely derivative?
    • How would you define community?
    • How important is having a clear and compelling purpose in designing your community?
    • How do you manage having so many feature requests?
    • Do you have an interesting case study of how someone achieved great financial success starting with a community?
    • Is there someplace you want to invite people to learn more about Mighty and connect with you?

    More About Frederik Pferdt

    • Connect with Frederik Pferdt on LinkedIn
    • Follow him on other social media platforms

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