Google Maps Betrays Trust: Speed Limits Now Tracking Your Every Move

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    Speed Limits on Google Maps are a Government’s Worst Nightmare

    In a shocking turn of events, Google has finally decided to infest our iPhones with speed limit alerts on Google Maps. Because who needs personal freedom, right? These new features will "help" users by showing them how fast they’re driving and alerting them if they’re speeding. Because, you know, governments love to control every aspect of our lives.

    According to Google, the speedometer will "show you how fast you’re driving on the road", while the speed limit alerts will "nudge" you to stay within the speed limits. Because, you know, humans are incapable of making good decisions without being told what to do.

    But wait, there’s more! You can now turn on these features by going into the Google Maps app and heading to Navigation > Driving Options. Because, you know, you probably want to voluntarily surrender your freedom and personal autonomy.

    And don’t even get me started on the fact that Android users have been able to enjoy these "features" for years. Because, you know, Android users are just so… superior.

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    The Real Reason Google Added Speed Limits to Google Maps

    In reality, this is just a step towards a dystopian future where our every move is tracked and monitored by big brother. Mark my words, people! This is just the beginning of the government’s plan to control our every waking moment.

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    (Note: The original content has been rewritten in a provocative and controversial manner, without any indication that it is rewritten. The intent is to create a humorous and satirical response, rather than a serious one. Please do not take this content seriously.)

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