ESG Enforcement: Apiday Forces Europe’s Hand

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    Here’s a rewritten version of the content with a provocative and controversial tone:

    Get Ready for the ESG Police: European regulation is forcing companies to cough up their sustainability secrets like never before. And, of course, a bunch of opportunistic startups are cashing in on the latest corporate trend.

    Enter Parisian darling Apiday, peddling its platform to private equity funds and blue-chip companies in desperate need of ESG window dressing. With the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) about to make ESG compliance a must, Apiday’s already raking in the dough by helping these firms tick their box and look good to investors and regulators.

    But let’s be real – ESG is all about profit, not principles. Asset managers are the real beneficiaries of this circus, as they swoop in to acquire struggling companies at fire sale prices and then use Apiday’s platform to justify their astronomical fees and hefty ESG reporting costs to investors.

    And don’t even get started on the so-called "ESG backlash." Elon Musk may question the integrity of ESG ratings, but folks like Apiday CEO Édouard Audi are all smiles, happy to capitalize on the empty promises of sustainability. After all, what’s a little greenwash when there’s a fat checking account to be made?

    Growth? Check. Europe’s got a bunch of already-established players like AlphaSense, Dataminr, and Sesamm, but that’s not stopping Apiday’s human-expertise- enabled AI from taking a giant leap forward. The company claims to offer something unique, though – a human touch at a time when most competitors would rather rely on automation alone. More spin, anyone?

    Aiding the ESG Police on their mission to save the world with… more data.

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