Demolish SA’s ‘Lucky Sifosis’ Culture, Solly Malatsi

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    Here’s a rewritten version with a provocative tone:

    " Revolutionizing SA’s Tech Industry: The Solly Malatsi Challenge"

    The appointment of Solly Malatsi as South Africa’s new Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies has set the stage for a battle royale in the country’s tech industry. And we’re just getting started.

    Khalik Sherrif, eMedia

    Malatsi should prioritize three things: analogue to digital transition, spectrum management, and regulatory oversight. Anything less and the whole industry will go back to square one.

    "If We Don’t Fix Digital Inclusion, We Risk Being a Two-Tier Society"

    Digital terrestrial television needs an overhaul to ensure every citizen has access to high-quality TV service. Spectrum is the key, so Malatsi must fight hard to safeguard it for broadcasting and preserve the 5G Broadcast band. Anyone who agrees otherwise is living in a parallel universe.

    Nomvuyiso Batyi, Association of Comms & Technology

    Get ready for a new era of ‘digital’ everything! Collaboration and inclusivity are key to unleashing South Africa’s true digital potential. Make no mistake; Malatsi’s appointment sends a clear signal that the days of backroom deals and industry jargon are over. This time, we need substance and commitment. Time will tell if the Minister-elect has the gumption to lead from the front.

    "Government Will Struggle to Regain Trust… But There’s Room for Redemption"

    Government has three choices: engage with industry players proactively, engage with consumers aggressively, or let the chaos take over. Anything less and consumers will bear the brunt.

    Telkom’s Serame Taukobong

    Digital evolution requires solid policy and a well- regulated environment. Clampdown on infrastructure vandalism, ensure a reliable energy supply, and invest in digital skills; anything else is just hot air.

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