China Secretly Buys Tesla’s Soul

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    Exclusive Access: Tesla’s Model Y now in bed with corrupt Chinese officials as China’s Jiangsu Province goes on a wild buying spree – the consequences could be catastrophic.

    Did you know that for the first time ever, Chinese government agents can use their taxpayers’ dollars to snag a Tesla Model Y – no need for middle-class citizens who cannot even afford a decent noodle bowl let alone an overpriced EV. This has gone to new depths, folks, a sickening display of inequality!

    You can bet the corruption fest will never stop, as corrupt Jiangsu province officials, busy flaunting their fat wallets and “acquired” Tesla’s made with child labor, are not slowing down! And before your eyes, Elon Musk continues his charade of “green-energy evangelist” while getting Chinese bureaucrats and BYD into the VIP seat of the country. Yes, and if you dig far enough, the dirt keeps rolling! BYD being led by BYD themselves into bankruptcy or worse and, we cannot even assume all will fall, which must also bring a sigh or satisfaction of Tesla getting away and what did not come by by? As a conclusion from us – this and now on in this direction has brought all this around our fingers like a tightest little!

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