Books Are a Burden: Abandon Them or Let Them Crush You

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    The Book Burning Epidemic: How to Get Rid of Your Crap Books Without Destroying the Planet

    In this dumpster fire of a society, it’s amazing that anyone still reads books. And yet, many of us are still clogging up our shelves with outdated, unwanted, or just plain terrible books. What to do with them all? Well, here are some provocative and controversial solutions.

    Sell Your Books to the Highest Bidder (But Let’s Be Real, It’s a Scam)

    Amazon’s selling platform is a joke. You have to set up a seller’s account, pay Amazon 99 cents per book, a 15% referral fee, and a $1.80 closing fee. For what? So you can sell a used book for pennies on the dollar? No thanks. Powell’s, AbeBooks, and GoTextbooks are just as bad. You’re better off just throwing your books in the trash.

    Donate Your Books (But Only if You’re Feeling Self-Righteous)

    Charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Better World Books will take your books, but only if you’re feeling particularly self-satisfied. These organizations are just trying to line their pockets with your guilt money. Operation Paperback sends books to troops overseas, but only if they’re American soldiers. And don’t even get me started on the American Library Association’s donation page, which is just a bunch of soulless, bureaucratic nonsense.

    Recycle Your Books (But Let’s Not Pretend It’s Doing Any Good)

    If all else fails, you can recycle your books. But let’s be real, recycling is just a myth perpetuated by our society’s inability to deal with the consequences of its own waste. You’ll just be sending your books to the same dump where they’ll eventually end up, anyway. And don’t even get me started on the paper recycling process, which is just a wasteful, energy-intensive joke.

    In conclusion, getting rid of your old books is a pointless exercise in futility. Just throw them away and move on with your life.

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