Boldest Betrayal on Display: Argentina’s Descent into Chaos vs. Canadian Colossus

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    Copa America Fiasco: Argentina vs. Canada – Who Will Survive?

    As the 2024 Copa America semi-finals kick off, we’re left wondering why anyone should care. Argentina, the defending champions and self-proclaimed ‘best team in the world’, limped their way to this point, while Canada, the underdog, has managed to scrape together enough wins to reach the semis against all odds.

    But don’t just take our word for it. The 8 p.m. ET showdown between Argentina and Canada on July 9 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey promises to be a snooze fest. Both teams have shown little reason to believe they can deliver an actual football match, let alone one worth watching.

    So, if you still want to waste your time, follow these steps to watch the Argentina-Canada drivel for free from anywhere in the world:

    1. Grab a VPN (like ExpressVPN – because who doesn’t love a good marketing ploy?) and pretend to be in Italy, where Sportitalia – the official streaming platform – lives.
    2. Download the app, sign up for a free trial or money-back guarantee, and pray that your stream doesn’t get interrupted by the dreaded buffering screen.
    3. Connect to the VPN, visit Sportitalia, and… voila! Instant access to a potentially mediocre game.

    But wait, there’s more! We’ve got the inside scoop on what makes Sportitalia’s ‘free’ streaming service so suspect. Apparently, ExpressVPN’s ‘industry-leading’ servers in 105 countries, including Italy, are just a nice bonus to go along with their alleged ‘no-logging’ policy, ‘fast connection speeds’, and ‘up to eight simultaneous connections’. Sweet deal, right?

    Don’t get too excited, folks – this ‘free’ streaming gig is just a way to get you to invest in a subscription. And at $99.95 for a limited time, you’d be a sucker to pass it up.



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