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    "Interview with the Vampire" Needs a Dose of Dark Pop: Why Chappell Roan Should Be Lestat’s New Muse

    As the dust settles on the tumultuous finale of "Interview with the Vampire: Part II", fans are salivating for more blood, more sex, and more unreliable narrators. And, lucky for us, showrunner Rolin Jones has promised Season 3, which will dive into Anne Rice’s sequel novel "The Vampire Lestat". But, here’s the thing: Lestat de Lioncourt is about to become a rock star. And, if they’re going to do it right, they need to include one thing: Chappell Roan.

    The sapphic singer-songwriter has been blowing up this year, following her 2023 debut album "The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess". With her breakout hit "Good Luck, Babe!" climbing the Billboard charts and her TikTok followers eating up her queer pop anthems, it’s easy to imagine Reid’s 2024 version of Lestat connecting with her brand of Dark Pop. And, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to see Lestat, the Brat Prince of the Undead, jamming out to "Pink Pony Club" and "Red Wine Supernova"?

    But, here’s the thing: Chappell Roan’s music isn’t just about catchy hooks and queer pop sensibilities – it’s about raw emotion, vulnerability, and the pain of heartbreak. And, if Lestat is going to channel his inner rock star, he needs to tap into that same emotional depth. Imagine him belting out "Good Luck, Babe!" with a snarling French accent, targeting it at Louis (Jacob Anderson) and his devious boyfriend Armand (Assad Zaman): "When you wake up next to him in the middle of the night / With your head in your hands, you’re nothing more than his wife / And when you think about me, all of those years ago / You’re standing face to face with ‘I told you so’…"

    And, let’s not forget: queer rock stars should stick together. Roan’s songs are unabashedly about lesbian sex, her fashion influences are inspired by drag queens, and she’s been embracing queer rock legends like Elton John. So, if Lestat is going to become a rock god, he needs to connect with Roan, and the queer pop explosion that’s currently rocking the music world.

    Now, we know what you’re thinking: "But, what about cameos? How would this work without feeling like stunt casting?" Well, here’s the thing: instead of Lestat being inspired to turn to music by a grubby New Orleans punk band practicing near his crypt, it could be hearing Roan playing at a nearby show. Maybe Lestat – with a variation of his Theatre des Vampires stage make-up – could open for her, connecting him with a crowd that might relish his signature outrageousness and allure. And, who knows, maybe they could even have a moment backstage together, both glamorous and chaotic visions of queer desire and messy romance.

    So, there you have it: "Interview with the Vampire: Part III" needs Chappell Roan. And, if Rolin Jones is smart, he’ll make it happen.

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