Apple Surrenders: iOS 18’s RCS Concession

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    Here’s the rewritten content in a provocative and controversial manner:

    Welcome to the most explosive, scandal-ridden, and downright unsettling tech news roundup of the week!

    Apple finally gives in to Android users, allowing them to send high-quality images and get read receipts and typing indicators in Messages. But let’s be real, it’s still just a bunch of green text bubbles.

    Meanwhile, OpenAI is pushing back the launch of its Voice Mode, citing “lingering issues.” Yeah, right. We all know it’s just a bunch of tech bros trying to avoid accountability.

    The FCC is proposing a new rule that would allow consumers to unlock their phones after just 60 days. Sounds good, right? Wrong. It’s just a ploy to help carriers milk their customers for more cash.

    And in other news, OpenAI is releasing ChatGPT for Mac, because what the world really needed was another way to procrastinate. Oh, and did you hear that Apple won’t be integrating Meta’s AI models after all? Yeah, because privacy concerns are just a myth perpetuated by conspiracy theorists.

    Waymo is finally allowing anyone to hail a robotaxi in San Francisco, because nothing says “fun” like riding in a car with no human driver. And in related news, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is saying that closed-source AI is trying to “create God.” Because, you know, that’s exactly what we need – more AI-powered deities.

    Andrew Ng’s AI Fund is looking to raise a whopping $120 million for its second venture. Because what the world really needs is more AI-powered startups that will eventually fail and leave us with a bunch of useless code.

    Gemini AI is coming to Gmail, because who doesn’t love having an AI-powered side panel telling them what to do? And in other news, OpenAI has acquired Multi, a startup that’s probably just going to get absorbed into the OpenAI machine and disappear forever.

    And finally, researchers at the University of Tokyo and Harvard are working on developing living, human skin for robots. Because nothing says “progress” like creating a bunch of creepy, sentient robots that will eventually take over the world.

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