America’s First Autonomous Nightmare: A Robot’s Fatal Error on the Freeway

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    In a shocking display of reckless disregard for human safety, a Waymo self-driving vehicle was pulled over by a police officer in Phoenix after it careened through a red light and veered into oncoming traffic. The brazen stunt was captured on bodycam footage, which shows the officer’s stunned expression as he approaches the empty vehicle.

    According to dispatch records, the Waymo vehicle "FREAKED OUT" and caused chaos on the streets of Phoenix. The officer was left "UNABLE TO ISSUE CITATION TO COMPUTER" due to the vehicle’s erratic behavior. It’s a wonder no one was hurt or killed.

    Waymo’s attempt to downplay the incident is laughable. The company claims the vehicle "encountered inconsistent construction signage" and briefly entered an unoccupied oncoming lane of traffic. But the truth is, their software is a ticking time bomb waiting to unleash havoc on the roads.

    This is not the first time Waymo’s autonomous vehicles have caused problems. The company has voluntarily recalled software twice this year after crashes, and federal regulators are investigating the safety of its software. It’s clear that Waymo’s reckless disregard for human safety is putting lives at risk.

    The question is, how much longer will we allow these autonomous abominations to roam our streets? It’s time for a reckoning.

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