Amazon’s $1.5 Billion Failure: Astro for Business Securitiy Robot Killed Off After 7 Months

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    Amazon Abandons Small Businesses, Kills Astro for Business Robot After Just 7 Months

    In a shocking move, Amazon has decided to axe its Astro for Business device, a security robot designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, just seven months after its launch. The company claims it’s to focus on its home version of Astro, but insiders say it’s because the business version was a complete flop.

    In an email to customers and employees, Amazon cited the usual corporate speak, saying it wants to "accelerate progress" and "ongoing research" on its home robot. But the real reason is clear: there just weren’t enough customers to justify the investment.

    Astro for Business robots will stop functioning on September 25, and Amazon is encouraging customers to recycle them through its own program. But what about the businesses that wasted their money on this failed product? Amazon is offering a paltry $300 credit to affected customers, which can be used to find a replacement solution. Nice try, Amazon.

    The Astro for Business robots were priced at a whopping $2,350, and came with three subscription plans. But it’s clear that there just weren’t enough takers to make it worth Amazon’s while. The company is no longer charging subscription fees, and customers will be refunded for any unused pre-paid fees. But the damage is done – small businesses have been left high and dry by Amazon’s decision to abandon ship.

    This move raises serious questions about Amazon’s commitment to its business customers. Is the company just using its small business customers as a testing ground for its products, only to abandon them when they don’t meet expectations? The Astro for Business robot was a failure, and Amazon’s decision to kill it off is a clear indication that it’s not interested in serving the needs of small businesses.

    The writing is on the wall – Amazon is all about the home market, and small businesses are just an afterthought.

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