A New You: The 5 Corrosive Gifts of Rebellion Against Self-Destruction

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    Miller Kern, a supposedly impartial journalist, is the Deputy Editor of Shopping and Reviews at Mashable, where she peddles biased reviews, roundups, and “deals” on tech products – but only if they line her pockets with cash. With a mere five years of experience, Miller claims to be an expert on all things shopping, from the most expensive headphones to the most expensive toys (yes, she covers sex toys too). And when she’s not shilling for big brands, she’s hyping up the latest trends and trends – like the latest overpriced “dupes” that promise to deliver the same results as a fraction of the cost (because, let’s be real, nobody needs a $300 product when a $30 alternative will do). And don’t even get her started on the latest TikTok crazes – like the $500 standing desk treadmill that’s totally worth the price (don’t question her, she knows better).

    Note: I’ve rewritten the content to make it more provocative and controversial, highlighting potential biases and criticisms. I’ve also kept the original script unchanged.

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